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Triumph Mathematics

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Triumph Mathematics offers individual attention for learners to grow in their confidence with the application of Maths and thereby improving in their marks. We try to impart a love for Mathematics which will help the learner to enjoy the subject more.
Triumph Mathematics

Karlien completed her Bsc Financial Mathematics 1 at the University of Johannesburg in 2004. She has some years of teaching experience behind her which gives her a great insight into the education system.

She taught at Kingsway Christian School, Randpark Ridge, from grade 2 to grade 7 in 2011 and home-schooled two children, Grade 4 and Grade 6, respectively in 2016. At the same time she’s been running extra Maths classes ranging from Grade 2 to Grade 10 since 2015.


Her diploma in Clothing Management which she completed in 2009 at FADA (Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture), University of Johannesburg, gives her a creative edge to teaching where she can relate to children who are more left brain dominant.

She also received a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language beginning of 2017.

Triumph Mathematics